Dr. Mayo and Dr. Parr practice primary care and consultative medicine. While some patients are seen on a regular basis for all of their medical care, others come in to be seen only on occasion, when they are in the New York area or when they have a specific problem or question.


Drs. Mayo and Parr are primary care experts, providing relationship-based care for adults of all ages, whether they are well or ill. The full scope of their internal medicine practice includes annual physical exams with lab testing, acute care for urgent issues, and screening and treatment for a range of ongoing medical issues.


Patients can meet with Dr. Mayo or Dr. Parr if they would like a thoughtful review of their medical history and medications, or if they have a specific problem or question they would like to discuss. Drs. Mayo and Parr also work with patients to help coordinate care for themselves or family members and can serve as an advocate and voice in an increasingly complex medical world.


Having spent many years as consulting physicians at Hospital for Special Surgery—one of the nation’s leading orthopedics hospitals — Drs. Mayo and Parr have expertise in caring for patients with osteoporosis, vitamin D deficiency and fractures.


Both Dr. Mayo and Dr. Parr have vast experience in managing the special medical needs and concerns of patients contemplating or about to undergo surgery. They speak with their patients’ physicians and review their medical reports in order to obtain a complete history, which they then use to optimize the surgical outcome.


Dr. Mayo and Dr. Parr routinely review their patient’s nutrition and fitness habits and can formulate a plan for ongoing improvement. For patients who are starting exercise or weight-loss programs, they can monitor body-fat composition with a state-of-the-art body composition scanner available onsite.


Drs. Mayo and Parr have each been in practice in New York for more than 10 years and have access to the finest specialists in every field. The doctors stay in close contact with every specialist to whom they refer and integrate their input and reports into a coordinated plan.